Back Office Operations

We combine our industry expertise and advanced technology to provide a range of integrated and seamless back end office operations which improves resource effectiveness and increases transparency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and backlog at clients level.

We are specialized in various back office services such as Data Processing, Forms Processing, Image Processing, Word Processing, Survey Processing, Check Processing, Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data/Web Mining, Web Extraction, Personalized Mailing thereby making client's satisfaction as our major priority.

GMT with large and diverse workforce & knowledge, high technology and industry specific processes come with the most effective approach by offering back office solutions for performance management.

Our Back Office Operations include:
• Data Conversion & Transcription
• Data Research & Mining
• Document Management
• Invoice & Report Generation
• Billing and Maintenance Application
• Clearance and Account Settlement
• Record Keeping
• Regulatory Compliance

Cross Industry>Back Office>Banking & Financial Services
• Payment Processing
• Report Generation
• Cost Accounting & General Accounting
• Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
• Inventory Management
• Claims Adjustments & Collections

Cross Industry>Back Office>Travel,Transpotation & Hospitatlity
• Data Processing
• Account Activation
• Website navigation
• Invoice Generation
• Lead Generation
• Ticketing & Pricing
• Credit Disputes

Cross Industry>Back Office>Health Care  & Life Sciences
• Transcription and Bill Preparation
• Data Research & Analysis
• Medical Records & Policy Maintenance
• Dispute Settlement
• Report Generation

Cross Industry>Back Office>Technology & Media
• Network Reporting & Programming
• Activation status & Warranty Configuration
• Correspondence Management
• Account Verification and Modifications
• Order Management

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