Banking & Financial Services

Banking and Financial services across the globe are heavily using third parties to carry out their business activities that they themselves would normally have undertaken. Research and various surveys have shown that financial and banking firms outsource substantial parts of their regulated and unregulated activities. Thus, outsourcing is increasingly used as a means of both reducing costs and achieving strategic aims.

At GMT, we determine the outsource ability of a process by two factors – classification as a core service and strategic value of a process.

We provide comprehensive services including data entry, data mining, digitization, data preparation and validation etc. Also, sales and marketing activities like customer loyalty programs, outbound sales & Account Receivable management services and inbound customer support.

We combine the best practices of research and analytic approach and add value to our client’s business by reducing work load, helping them in saving costs and streamlining processes through continuous improvements and innovations.

Our Banking and Financial Offerings include:

Finance and Accounting
• General Ledger and Reporting
• Accounts Receivables, Credit Management and Collections
• Credit Card Processing, Claims Adjusting, Accounts Payable and T&E Claims
• Fund Accounting
• Fixed Assets Accounting
• Order Processing and Billing
• Account Reconciliations
• Account Generation and Activation
• Subsidiary and Joint Venture Accounting

Banking Operations
• Loan Origination and Processing
• Loan Servicing
• Loan Underwriting
• Loan Closing and Funding
• Account Generation and Adjustments
• Cheque and Credit Card Operations

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