Engagement Model

Outsourcing is all about meeting the expectations by showing business capabilities. Engagement Model provides direct insight to the touch points of the organization that support in delivering the commitments. GMT follows different engagement models for different processes to stimulate smooth functioning and bring positive results.

Build Operate Transfer
World - class Infrastructure, High -end Technology, Efficient employees form the basis of any organization. We work as per our client specifications and requirements and develop business as per their directions. We even train our people as per client specifications. This model also help clients to evaluate risk involved and determine the levels of investment involved in a particular project.

Time & Material Outsourcing
We also follow Time and Material approach because few of the projects may require some additional changes which can actually result in the delay and inaccuracy in budget estimates. So by adopting Time & Material Approach, we can ensure our clients that they are getting the right value of what they are paying. And also this model enables client to quickly ramp up and ramp down the processes as per budgetary and other requirements.

Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic Outsourcing is one approach which actually helps to focus on core competencies and we here at GMT use strategic outsourcing approach to cope up with competition and acquire new markets. This model provides a range of alternatives to select a right approach for adapting flexibility and identifying strategic goals so that purpose of implementing strategic management plan is achieved.

Co-managed Outsourcing
Our approach to Co-managed Outsourcing provides an add-on advantage of the outsourcing partner's knowledge of local laws and culture. This model proves to be an extension of traditional outsourcing model and adds confidence and comfort because of the presence of an experienced company manager at offshore location.

Joint Venture
In this particular approach, we set up a new corporate entity all togather jointly owned by us and the client to carry out different offshore operations. This helps in maintaining greater management control and complete visibility in managing operations.

Connect with GMT
" We are go - getter with passionately focused towards our work and ethical work culture making GMT a home for equal empowerment for everyone and deliver the highest level of service.

We have a well thought which is a purposeful promise in a way that reflects a goal focused mission statement and acts as an achievement coach for us – giving us the focus, direction and accountability we need to accomplish for fulfillment of our goals."
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