Lead Generation
Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

At GMT, our sales agents extend your market reach and build brand awareness by presenting your product or service to hundreds of key decision makers every week.

Lead generation campaigns introduce your company to hundreds of potential prospects each week. Every phone call is an opportunity to present your product or service and build brand awareness. Prospects are categorised according to their needs for future marketing opportunities. Because lead generation is the first step of the sales process, both quality and quantity are important factors.

Types of lead generation campaign outcomes include:

• Appointment Setting:

Appointment setting is a specialised form of lead generation when you require phone appointments or face to face meetings.

• Event Invitations:

Invitations sent by mail or email can be easily missed or forgotten. Follow up phone calls significantly increase response rates and maximise attendance. Our agents present your event, process registrations and send out email confirmations, if required. We also offer a confirmation process to minimise last minute dropouts.

• Mailing & Emailing List

Using your existing contact list, or a list sourced from a list broker, we can contact, update and qualify prospects, building a list of prospects who are interested in receiving regular marketing communications from you.

• Request for Proposal

This type of lead generation campaign is a quick and efficient way to present your product or service to a high number of decision makers to identify those interested in receiving your proposal. We can issue proposals and nurture prospects until they are ready to buy, or send leads to your sales team to action.

Building block of successful lead generation

• A Dedicated Team
• A Management Layer
• A Defined Audience
• The Right Questions

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