Travel, Transportations, Hospitality & Logistics

The Travel & Transportation industry is undergoing a drastic change in its endeavor to maximize revenues, minimize operational expenses, increasing profits and improving overall productivity. This transformation has been activated by a shrinking global workforce with increased virtualisation, improved business relations with developing nations, increased virtualisation and conceptualization and the need to optimize operating standards that drive the sector.

We can help you in optimizing your operational costs and enhance productivity by providing streamlining processes to address your problems with respect to TTL service areas such as travel portals, reservation, cargo departure control systems, pricing and ticketing, airport operations and fleet management system, frequent flyer functions, customer enablement and sales and marketing activities.

We believe in transforming TTL industry from a conventional storage concept to being perceived as a better way of managing the supply chain and a strategic tool for growth and competitiveness.

Our Travel, Transportation& Logistics and Hospitality industry includes:

Travel & Hospitality
• Fare Filling
• Loading and Distribution
• Customer Loyalty Program
• PNR Services
• Revenue Management
• Ticketing And Reservation
• Frequent Flyer Program
• Sales & Marketing

Transportation and Logistics
• Billing and Invoicing
• Freight Audit and Compliance
• Cargo Tracing, Claims and Complaints
• Accounts Payable Invoice and Support
• Customer Service and Issue Resolution.
• Custom and freight Brokerage
• Cargo – de stuffing

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